APP originally started off as a Iron Team Highlander group. At the time I had a small VPS that ran one TF2 server plus our teamspeak. The TF2 server generally remained empty for the first month save for when we had scrims or matches. When we were not using it was on a small PL rotation. We suddenly began getting server traffic.

Before you know it the highlander group and another community (Decent Teammates) began pouring time and energy into populating the server from quickplay. We found ourselves in a new situation. We had a populated server and no scrim server. So we opened up a second server on the box for scrimming but it to was used it for quickplay when we were not on it. Less then a month and we had a consistent following on that server as well.

The APP Highlander group began to realize that we had a knack for creating servers with a friendly and fun environment.

I have always wanted to find a community that had these qualities but little did I know that I would end up running one. The Highlander group is currently dormant but the friends I had made there are still for the most part playing on the servers both as normal players and leaders.

APP started not out of a desire to just start a server. It started because a bunch of friends enjoyed each others company and wanted to re-create that in a larger environment.

~Mr. Tickles